Discover some of the projects that that lifted off our clients' businesses with the power of technology
Banco del Austro
One of the top private banks in Ecuador. Development and operation of an e-commerce mailbox service for the bank’s credit card holders in Ecuador (www.austrobox.com.ec)
Innova International
An innovative international trading company headquartered in Florida, USA.Development and operation of an e-commerce and logistic platform for the Innova Equipments, a division holding a strategic alliance with Toyota USA’s owned dealer to sell Toyota’s branded machineries and parts to the international market (www.innovaequipments.net). Also providing technological and operational support to Innova Sourcing, the international purchasing services division of Innova International.
Azul Airlines
Azul Airlines (Brazil): The largest domestic airline in Brazil. One thousand daily flights, reaching 3,500 cities in Brazil with D2D service. Brazil’s flag carrier.
Development and operation of the international e-commerce and courier operation for Azul Airlines.
TAP Portugal Airlines
Portugal’s flag carrier. One of top European’s international carriers. TAP Portugal covers 10 daily flights in/out the USA, all Europe, Russia and many countries in Africa.Development and operation of the international e-commerce and courier operation for one the top airlines in Europe. E-commerce mailbox service (www.tapecom.eu) and international courier (www.tapcourier.eu ).
International Bonded Courier
IBC is an International e-commerce and courier processing company; based in the U.S.; leading the express cargo industry for 40 years.
Development of information technology projects integrating IBC’s operational platform into customized customers’ applications (www.ibcinc.com). Design of operational procedures for those special applications and running these applications on behalf of the customers using basic supporting platform.
Guerra Customs Brokerage
One of the largest Customs Brokerage companies in Chile with a customer portfolio including top international manufacturing corporations.
Development and operation of an automated ocean container tracking system. Containers are real-time online traced to control operational flows and import shipping operations: Shipping lines and their containers are tracked on real time, digital documentation is used to perform cargo pick-up, cargo Customs clearance, ground storage control, and trucking coordination. It provides an online dashboard to all entities participating in the supply chain: Freight Forwarder, Transportation, Customs Broker and Customers.
Currently in use for two of Guerra Customs Brokerage’s main multinational customers: Dow Chemical and Beiersdorf.
World Trade Center Fort Lauderdale: Logistic Platform
Development of an international logistic platform for the WTC of Fort Lauderdale to support the transportation of goods resulted from international trading facilitated by the WTC of Fort Lauderdale.This platform will provide the tools for the successful exchange of international e-commerce businesses.